Kentucky Gospel Groups | List of gospel groups in KY (2023)

Kentucky Gospel Groups – List of gospel singers and groups in KY

Kentucky Gospel Groups | List of gospel groups in KY (1)HeKentucky gospel singing groupsThe directory helps you find singers and other musicians in KY for a church event or other projects.

If you know of corrections or errors in any of our Kentucky Gospel Group directories, please let us know so we can keep the list up to date.

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Danger, KY 42321

Phone: 606-767-1670


South / Country

We are a ministry minded family group from Hazard Kentucky called anointed, our style is much like The McKameys & Singing Cookes. We travel most weekends doing churches, revivals, homecomings. fairs, festivals Our group consists of all family members Harold Fouch, wife Guinevere Fouch, sister Phyllis Fouch and twelve year old grandson Landon Blake Slove. We want to expand the ministry that God has allowed us to be a part of in 2019 and beyond.

Battle's scream

Clarkson, Kentucky 42726

Phone: 270-446-0125



southern gospel

We are from south central KY. We would like to share the message of HOPE to a world of people our Lord loves very much. Call us, and share the message of Hope. Jesus is our Hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Los Beymers

Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Phone: 270-320-8444, 512-299-2787



Annette Wallender-Bingaman

Louisville, Kentucky

Phone: 618-638-0597



southern gospel

Meet Annette Bingaman, Southern Gospel Recording Artist. Annette is no stranger to southern gospel music. She began singing at the age of 6 in a family trio with her older brother and sister.

And she continued to share the gospel through song throughout her life and became a professional gospel recording artist 4 1/2 years ago. Her sincere heart can be felt through her music and she has touched many hearts.

Annette has inspired many through her heartfelt playing of the saxophone that she adds to her concerts. Her true love for the Lord is manifested when she talks and plays.

Annette has performed at the 2014 National Quartet Convention Showcase and the 2017 Promoters Showcase (National Quartet Convention).

Schedule a date for Annette to present a concert to your congregation today.


Lexington, Kentucky

Phone: 859-264-1142


Mostly modern country style

male trio. The same 3 singers for 34 years. We do a lot of original music. We have been lucky enough to see seven of our songs enter the national top 40 charts.

(Video) Gospel groups take stage at the Symphony at Kentucky Performing Arts

Most importantly, we have been so blessed to witness how the Lord saved several thousand souls during our concerts and services. We are available for religious services, concert hall concerts, and outdoor venues such as county or community fairs.

CrossTithes Christian Music Ministry

Frankfort, Kentucky 40604


Faith By Hearing Ministries

Russellville, KY 42276

(270) 755-5243


Faith -n- Harmony

Barbourville, KY 40906-8753



Fervent Heart

Owensboro, Kentucky

Phone: 270.993.3453

Traditional, Southern, and Contemporary Gospel



Fervent Heart Music started in September 2017, with the purpose of glorifying God through Christocentric music. The ministry of Corazón Fervente is positive, uplifting, warm and sincere. The goal of each individual in the group is to exalt the name of Jesus; encourage the Body of Christ; and reach those who are lost.

the fishing family

winchester, kentucky

Phone: (859) 745-9969, (859) 745-4878


bluegrass gospel music

We have been serving the Lord in gospel music since 1986. We have performed throughout Kentucky as well as other states like Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Alabama.

We enjoy meeting new people and singing at various churches and events. Our mission is to seek out those who are lost so they can find new hope and joy by living for our Savior Jesus Christ. We do not charge a fixed fee. We accept voluntary love offerings when the Lord directs hearts to give.

The Fisher family is in the process of building a new website. We can currently be found on Facebook as well as Reverbnation. We look forward to serving at your church or event. May God richly bless you.

4 His Glory

Wingo KY

Phone: 270-519-4523

Music Type: Southern Gospel


4 His Glory is a mixed southern gospel quartet that sings for the glory of God and spreads the gospel through songs for His glory. We are available for homecomings, revivals, special events, benefits. We do not charge but will accept a love offering.

fresh anointing

Berea, KY

Phone: 859-358-4132


southern gospel

(Video) Old Time Religion - Binghamtown Baptist Church

We are a live music southern gospel group from Berea, KY. We love to sing and worship Christ. A saved soul is worth more than all the gold in the world.

We are available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday andDomingonights

Revivals Special Events Benefits

Have a blessed day, we look forward to worshiping with your church.

  • Lead Vocals, Flattop Guitar & Mandolin: Pastor Dale Holman
  • Lead Guitarist and Vocals: Larry Day
  • Backing Vocals: Pam Day
  • Coros: Durrane Mullins
  • Drummer: Dennis Mullins
  • Bassist: Ronnie Harris

Familia Gilbert Gospel Bluegrass

Jackson, Kentucky

Phone: (859) 955-0764



Music Type: Gospel Bluegrass

We are a Gospel Bluegrass band from the Eastern Hills, KY! We want to encourage and point people to the Lord Jesus Christ through Gospel Bluegrass Music! Take a look at our website.

Harold Fouch, Ministerios 4HisGlory

Hazard, Kentucky 41701

Contact: Harold Fouch 606-487-8918

Mobile: 606-854-8075

or: Alanzo Amburgey 606-436-4147

southern gospel artist

The singers of the gospel of harvest time

Danville, KY 40422

Telephone – 859-319-6910, 859-519-5850


We are a southern gospel family group from Danville, KY. We do not charge, but we accept free will.
offerings to sing at your church or event.

joy of heaven

Paris, Kentucky

(859) 435-0101


A southern gospel trio that has been together since 2005, spreading the gospel through song.

The trio has a mix of southern gospel and contemporary music with powerful messages and
wonderful harmonies. Contact them to book your next convention, sing, etc.

Charlene Jarrell

Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653

Phone: 606-263-4219 or 606-339-6357

living proof

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Phone: 270-202-3614

Music Type: Southern Gospel



Living Proof is a mixed trio consisting of Steve & Tina Barbour and Melissa Stone. We are a group that loves God and wants to show others living proof that God is always with you and will comfort you no matter what you face. We strive to sing a variety of songs that are sure to touch someone of all ages. We would love to come to your church or event.

love threesome mission

(Video) Larry Fleet - Where I Find God (feat. Morgan Wallen) (Live)

Elkton, Kentucky



We are gospel of the south. We are on facebook

We had a gospel song to hit the singing news charts at number 67.

rosalee moore

jackson, kentucky

Phone: 606.272-0014


southern gospel and bluegrass

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist singing and writing songs about the Lord. My prayer and purpose in life is to lead the lost to Christ.

Nancy Logsdon and the Murdy Standard

Field of Cakes, KY 42101

Phone:(270) 904-6152


The New Found Four

Monte Sterling, KY 40353

Telephone (859) 404-8079


We are a Bluegrass/Southern Gospel Quartet based in Mt. Sterling Kentucky and have been serving God in music since 1991. We just celebrated 20 years in the music ministry, we travel in the form of voluntary love offerings.

Los OutKasts

Flatwoods Ky 41139



Southern and country gospel group.

Paul's Ministry

Falmouth, KY 41040


Fax: 859-838-4977



We are a small group of hometown friends, spreading the gospel through bluegrass music. We want to share the gospel with you and your church. We are available for revivals, special events or services. Our music is free, we just want to spread the Good News and touch lives in our little part of the world. We are members of The Bluegrass Gospel Association.

We have played the Gospel Association Showcase in Nashville, TN for the past 2 years. We have opened for The Farm Hands and The Punches Family.

Cathy Pigg

ky wickliffe

Phone: 270-519-4523


southern gospel

I am a mother and grandmother who loves to sing and write southern gospel songs. I recently recorded a CD with my original songs "Forgiven" I'm Gonna Take A Little Walk" and "Gods Not Dead".

(Video) The Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers

I love sharing the word of God through singing and spreading his word to others. I am a member of WKGMA and have been singing for most of my life. I would love to share my songs with your church or other ministry. I am available for all singing events.

praises of the heart

Caneyville, Kentucky 42721

Phone: (270) 879-0400 or (270) 589-0618

Email: or

Soldiers of Christ

North Middletown, KY 40357

Phone:(859) 576-4977


We are a Gospel Bluegrass band from Central / Eastern, KY. We are from North Middletown, Little Rock and Carlisle, KY.

We play all over central and eastern KY, but most can be found playing regularly in and around Lexington, Paris, Carlisle, Mt. Sterling. We've played for nonprofits, churches, picnics, town functions, fairs, gospel music festivals, and everything in between.

We believe that a show can be entertaining AND inspiring.

Southern Cross Gospel Band

Prestonsburg KY

Phone: 606-889-8936

southern gospel

We make live music, with a full house band and four singers. Thank you and God bless you.

Clinton Spaulding

Louisville, KY 40272

Phone:(502) 424-7316


Highly energetic southern gospel vocalist. Introducing a music ministry for everyone!

True Song Ministries

Beaver Dam, Kentucky, 42320


Phone: (270)775-5431


Ministry of Evangelism and Song

True Song Ministries is a gospel duo with a desire to spread the good news of the gospel through missionary evangelist Robert Bailey preaching the gospel and through gospel songs. Colossians3:16– May the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing graciously in your hearts to the Lord.

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About the Kentucky Directory of Gospel Groups

It is a pleasure to see so much musical talent in the state of Kentucky. There are many other gospel groups and vocalists that we hope to see later in the directory.

Christian music covers many areas, including contemporary, southern gospel, Christian rock, bluegrass, contemporary music, and old-time traditional.

If you have a band or if you are a KY Gospel singer looking for a home to include your information for reservations, please let us know so we can include you. God bless you!

Disclaimer: We have no personal knowledge of the practices or status of these KY gospel music singing groups. Please check all singers or bands carefully before booking.


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1. Southern Gospel Revival: Jamie Wilson - I Can't Even Walk
(Modern Trade)
2. Thank God I Am Free -The Detty Sisters (Official Music Video)
(The Detty Family)
3. Youth Choir I Just Want To Thank You Lord
(Pleasant View Baptist Church)
4. In The Ghetto Elvis Presley With Lisa Marie Presley
(Ben Quint)
5. Kentucky Gospel Music Groups: BELIEVER'S QUARTET
(Von Hanshaw)
6. Just A Little Talk With Jesus | In A Vintage Factory | Official Music Video | Redeemed Quartet
(Redeemed Quartet)


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