Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (2023)

This article will be about thatConstant speed movement with formulas and how to solve problems and the main features of this type of movement.

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Properties of constant velocity motion

The movement at constant speedis a motion that has a straight line as a trajectory and a constant speed. A body moving at constant speed means that there is no force or acceleration forcing it to move. Therefore, the acceleration of a body moving at constant speed is zero.

There are many examples in everyday life where we can detect movement with a constant speed, for example the movement of a train, a car moving on a straight road, or a person walking at the same speed without acceleration.

Using a constant speed motion

Knowing the formulas and properties of constant velocity motion is quite useful for measuring an average velocity. In normal situations it might be a bit complicated to measure the speed of an object if we don't have special instruments, but if we know the distance the advanced object (which could be measured with a tape measure) and the time the object took, to cover this distance (which could be measured with a watch or a phone)We can use the study of this movement to find the velocity without the need for a special instrument. We say "an average speed" because in everyday life it can be difficult to find a constant speed, for example if a person walks 5 meters in 5 seconds it's really hard for that person to all walk at exactly the same speed is the time because it is possible that some steps are larger than others and this counts even though it is a millimeter difference and this does not make the movement constant but the average movement based on a constant speed movement is calculated is very correct.

Formulas of constant velocity motion

In constant velocity motion there are 3 physical quantities we will be working with, these arethe time,that could be measured in seconds, minutes, hours or even days;the distance,that could be measured in meters, kilometers and miles;and the speedwhich could be measured in meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, or some other combination of distance and time. Velocity in constant-velocity motion is the ratio of time to distance. For example, if a car moves 10 meters per second, the car's speed is 10 meters per second. Normally we work with kinematic problems as standard units of measurement meters and seconds, but it does not matter at all if we work with other units of measurement as long as all physical quantities are equivalent to each other. but in the examples solved in this article we will use meters and seconds.

  • Formulas for movements with constant speed
  • V =


  • T =


    (Video) Physics - Acceleration & Velocity - One Dimensional Motion

  • D = V * T
  • von
  • X = Xo + V * T

triangle of formulas

A very easy way to memorize these formulas is to build a triangle. This triangle works like this: if we cover the variable to be found we can see the formula that we must use, if one variable is above the other these are divided and if two variables are closest to each other these are multiplied, where to note that the distance is always at the top of the triangle.

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (1)

Graphics of constant speed motion

three-dimensional Cartesian plane

Position Graph: It is a linear graph where the slope of the graph is the speed of the object.

two-dimensional Cartesian plane

Velocity graph: is a constant graph, ie a line with no slope.

Examples of constant speed motion

example 1A vehicle traveling at a constant speed of 20 m/s ¿How much distance has the vehicle traveled in 30 seconds?

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (2)

v = 20 m/st = 30s d = ?

  • We write the formula
  • D = v * t
  • We replace the data
  • D = 20 m/s * 30 s
  • and solve
  • D = 600 m

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example 2A train travels 30 meters in 2.4 seconds if this train has a constant speed ¿What was the speed of the train?

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (3)

d = 30mt = 2,4 s v = ?

  • Write down the equation
  • V =


  • And solve
  • V =

    30m/2,4 Sek

  • V = 12,5 m/s

Example 3How long did it take an Olympic runner to run 100 meters if he started at a constant speed of 12.3 m/s?

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (4)

d = 100mv = 12,3 m/s t = ?

  • Write down the equation
  • V =


  • And solve
  • V =


    (Video) Motion (constant velocity)

  • T = 8,13 s

example 4A whale must migrate 10 kilometers east if the whale is to be at its destination in 24 hours, define the speed the whale must have to get there in time.

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (5)

d = 10kmt = 24 Std v = ?

ImportantFirst we need to convert km to meters and hours to seconds

  • From km to m
  • D = 10 km * 1000
  • D = 10 000 m
  • from h to s
  • T = 24 h * 3 600
  • T = 86 400
  • Then we write the equation and solve it
  • V =


  • V =

    10 000 m/86 400er

  • V = 0,12 m/s

Example 5There are two men practicing the race walk, the A-man covers a distance of 37 meters in 12.5 seconds while the B-man covers a distance of 44 meters in 19.1 meters and this knowledge determines which of the two men is faster.

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (6)

man a: d = 37mt = 12,5 s v = ?

  • Mann a
  • V =


  • V =

    37m/12,5 s

  • V = 2,96 m/s

Mann b: d = 44mt = 19,3 s v = ?

  • Mann b
  • V =


  • V =

    44 m/19.3

  • V = 2,28 m/s

Finally thea manis faster than the B man.

(Video) Position and Displacement Equation (for Constant Velocity Motion) | explanation & solving a problem

exercise 6Two cars make different trips, the first car drives 400 meters at a speed of 10 m/s, while the second car drives 700 meters at a speed of 16.3 m/s, which of the cars took the shorter time to reach the end point reach.

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (7)

Auto 1: v = 10 m/sd = 400 m t = ?

  • Auto 1
  • T =


  • T =


  • t = 40 s

Auto 2: v = 16,3 m/sd = 700 m t = ?

  • Auto 2
  • T =


  • T =

    700m/16,3 m/s

  • t = 42,94

Example 7A person prepares for a marathon by running at a speed of 3 m/s for an hour every day – what distance does this person run in 10 days?

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (8)

v = 3 m/st = 1 h for 10 days d = ?

  • Convert hours to seconds
  • t(seconds)= 1h * 60 * 60
  • t = 3600 seconds
  • Now we find the distance in 1 hour
  • d = v * t
  • d = 3 m/s * 3600 s
  • d = 10 800 m
  • Then we multiply it by 10 days
  • d(10 Tage) = 10 800 m * 10
  • d(10 Roofs) = 108,000 Meters

example 8a train travels on straight tracks at a speed of 20 meters per second, calculate the distance traveled after 10, 25 and 60 minutes.

Constant Velocity Motion - Examples and Formulas (9)

v = 20 m/st = 10min, 25min, y 60min d = ?

(Video) Constant Velocity

  • Removal after 10 minutes
  • t(seconds) = 10 min * 60 seconds
  • t = 600s
  • d = v * t
  • d = 20 m/s * 600 s
  • d = 12 000 Meter
  • Removal after 25 minutes
  • t(seconds) = 25 min * 60 seconds
  • t = 1 500 s
  • d = v * t
  • d = 20 m/s * 1 500 s
  • d = 30 000 Meter
  • Removal after 60 minutes
  • t(seconds) = 60 min * 60 seconds
  • t = 3 600 s
  • d = v * t
  • d = 20 m/s * 3 600 s
  • d = 72 000 Meter

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What is an example of motion with constant velocity? ›

The simplest type of motion (excluding the trivial case in which the body under investigation remains at rest) consists of motion with constant velocity. This type of motion occurs in everyday life whenever an object slides over a horizontal, low friction surface: e.g., a puck sliding across a hockey rink.

What is the formula for motion at constant velocity? ›

Position Vector for Constant Velocity

i.e., it is the rate of change of the position over time. From this equation, the change in position in a given time given a constant velocity v v v is simply: Δ x = v t . \Delta x = vt.

What is an example of constant motion? ›

Constant motion is a type of motion that occurs when either the distance traveled by the object is the same for each second or the speed of the object changes by the same amount each second. A car maintaining a speed of 20 meters per second as it moves in a straight line for 5 seconds is in constant motion.

What are 5 examples of velocity? ›

The applications of velocity are illustrated by the examples below:
  • Earth's rotation around the Sun,
  • Moon's orbital motion around the Earth.
  • The vehicle's speed.
  • How quickly the train is moving.
  • The river is moving at a fluctuating speed.
  • The rate at which water leaves a faucet.
  • The speed at which a bat strikes a ball.

What objects have constant velocity? ›

Any object that is not under any force will have a constant velocity. For example, an object at rest that has no force acted upon it will have a constant velocity of 0.

What is an object with constant velocity? ›

Since the object is moving with a constant velocity, it means an acceleration of the body will be zero. So, the resultant / net force on the object will be zero.

What are 3 examples of a constant? ›

A few more constant examples are :
  • The number of days in a week represents a constant.
  • In the expression 5x + 10, the constant term is 10.
  • In 2a, 2 is a constant.
  • In -7mn, -7 is a constant.
  • In 3x, 3 is constant.

What are the 3 formulas for velocity? ›

The three equations are,
  • v = u + at.
  • v² = u² + 2as.
  • s = ut + ½at²

What is the formula for velocity example? ›

Equation for Velocity

To figure out velocity, you divide the distance by the time it takes to travel that same distance, then you add your direction to it. For example, if you traveled 50 miles in 1 hour going west, then your velocity would be 50 miles/1 hour westwards, or 50 mph westwards.

What is velocity simple formula? ›

Velocity (v) is a vector quantity that measures displacement (or change in position, Δs) over the change in time (Δt), represented by the equation v = Δs/Δt.

Does a falling object have constant velocity? ›

The object then falls at a constant velocity as described by Newton's first law of motion. The constant velocity is called the terminal velocity.

Can a car have a constant velocity? ›

No. For example, the car could be traveling at constant speed around a corner. In this case it`s direction is changing and therefore it`s velocity is changing.

What speed is constant velocity? ›

To have a constant velocity, an object must have a constant speed in a constant direction. Constant direction constrains the object to motion in a straight path thus, a constant velocity means motion in a straight line at a constant speed.

What is constant velocity in physics? ›

Constant velocity means that the object in motion is moving in a straight line at a constant speed. This line can be represented algebraically as: x=x0+vt, where x0 represents the position of the object at t=0, and the slope of the line indicates the object's speed.

What is an example of a constant equation? ›

Examples of constant functions include f(x) = 0, f(x) = 1, f(x) = π, f(x) = −0.

What is a constant in physics example? ›

Answer: The fundamental constants in physics are Velocity of light, the charge of an electron, Planck's constant, fine structure constant, the permeability of free space, the mass of an electron, Bohr radius, etc.

What is the constant of 2x 3? ›

A constant is a term that does not change. In the expression 2x + 3 there are two terms, "2x" and "3". Since the term "2x" contains the variable "x", "2x" is NOT a constant term. Since the term "3" contains no variables, "3" IS a constant term.

What are the 4 formulas of motion? ›

The equations are as follows: v=u+at,s=(u+v2)t,v2=u2+2as,s=ut+12at2,s=vt−12at2.

What are the 4 types of velocity? ›

Types of velocity

The different types of velocities are uniform velocity, variable velocity, average velocity and instantaneous velocity.

What is the equation of motion formula? ›

A: The first equation of motion, v = u + it is referred to as the velocity-time relation. On the other hand, the second equation of motion is s = ut + 1 / 2at2 can be called the position-time relation. Likewise, we call the third equation of motion, v2 = u2+ 2as, position – velocity relation.

Can you give an example of velocity? ›

In simple words, velocity is the speed at which something moves in a particular direction. For example as the speed of a car travelling north on a highway, or the speed a rocket travels after launching. The scalar means the absolute value magnitude of the velocity vector is always be the speed of the motion.

What is the formula of change in velocity? ›

Acceleration is the change in velocity with respect to time and its formula is as follows: a = d v d t , where v is the velocity of the body and t is the time taken.

What is the formula for velocity for kids? ›

The standard used to describe velocity is meters per second or m/s. What is this? In order to calculate velocity, we use this formula: Velocity = change in distance ÷ change in time.

Does constant velocity mean V 0? ›

Derivative of velocity with respect to time is acceleration. That means if accelerations is zero, velocity must be constant. Now that constant could be anything like it could be 5 m/s . Also if the velocity is 0(which is itself a constant) also indicates that acceleration is zero.

What is the formula for constant? ›

A constant function is a linear function whose general format is y = mx + k, where m and k are constants. Thus, a constant function which is f(x) = k (or) y = k can be written as y = 0x + k.

What happens to motion when velocity is constant? ›

(4) A body moving with varying speed may have constant velocity, if its direction of motion remains constant.

Does constant velocity mean not moving? ›

Constant velocity is when an object moves at a constant speed in a straight line. This means that the object's velocity is not changing over time and is not accelerating or decelerating.

What number is constant velocity? ›

If we want to find the value of constant velocity, then the acceleration has to be zero.

What is the constant of 5? ›

Is 5 a Constant Number? Ans: As we know the constant number has a fixed numerical value. Here, 5 is a fixed value hence it is a constant number.

What are the 7 constants? ›

The seven defining constants are:
  • the caesium hyperfine frequency Δν Cs
  • the speed of light in vacuum c.
  • the Planck constant h.
  • the elementary charge e.
  • the Boltzmann constant k.
  • the Avogadro constant NA, and.
  • the luminous efficacy of a defined visible radiation K. cd

What is an example of constant velocity in real life? ›

A man walking on the street at his constant speed will cover an equal distance in an equal interval of time. This can be an example of a constant velocity.


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